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Bill Coibion, Founder and President 

Visionary, Discipler, and Speaker 

Bill had a successful career in healthcare culminating as the CFO of Diasonics, a Fortune 1,000 company and completing over 40 healthcare IT mergers through Counterpart Capital. Bill was blessed to be discipled for fifteen years by Dwight Hill, a Navigator for over 45 years. Bill has discipled about one hundred businessmen since 1995, most of whom suffered from the “missing man” and lacked affirmation and love by their father when growing up.


Jeremiah Miller, Co-founder and Vice President 

Discipler, Speaker, Workshops and Seminars 

Jeremiah is President of Forging Leaders, a leadership development coaching and training company. In 2015 he started volunteering at Shoulder to Shoulder, a Christian non-profit organization that provides one on one mentors to fatherless inner-city boys in Sacramento. After one meeting, the founder, Bill Coibion asked me a bunch of questions about my walk with Jesus Christ and offered to disciple me. His discipleship has made a huge difference in my walk with Jesus Christ and in my life. 

Meet our Board of Directors 

Bill Hagerty - Vice President, Eagle Strategies 
John Schoeppach - Vice President, Merrill Lynch, Folsom

Meet our Disciplers

Bill Coibion, Bill Hagerty, Dave Asche, Doru Bere, Ed Hunter, Erik Meyers, Jeremiah Miller, Jim Laing, John Schoeppach, Jose Lerma, Moe Smith, Randy Martin, Scott Terpstra, and Spencer Slater.