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2019 Was A Blessed Year

GOD mightily blessed Forging Disciples’ effort during 2019!

  • Here’s a glimpse of the impact He made:

  • Guiding us to help twenty-two (22) draw men closer to God through one-on-one discipleship

  • Helping us prepare ten (10) new disciplers to be ready to disciple men in 2020

  • Leading a Spiritual Formation class on discipleship in 2019 and establish the same for 2020

  • Providing the ability to lead a workshop, “Healing Our Father Wounds” at both at William Jessup University and Epic Bible College in 2020

  • Leading weekly studies on “Knowing Him and the “57 Words that Can Change the World”

  • Arranging for us to attend the Fatherhood CoMission in December 2019

  • Weekly encouragements texted to over 160 men

He also saw us through trials of many kinds this year …. some of us lost a loved one, others have experienced health emergencies and others have faced uncertainty in their job or their finances.

  • What’s incredible is the incredible way these men have responded during trials. We’ve seen men:

  • Finding peace and joy in the midst of their trials,

  • Trusting God when the world is telling them the opposite,

  • Families being drawn closer to God,

  • Making the time to serve those outside of their families, and

  • Developing a richness in both their prayer lives and in their daily quiet time with Jesus.

But the most important thing to share with you is that the lives of men and their families are being transformed as they learn to Know Him and make Him Known. These men are closer to God today than ever before and we owe this privilege to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

While this may appear as a report card, it is our intent to let those following or intimately involved with Forging Disciples to know all the things God is accomplishing through our combined efforts.

We are grateful for those of you that God has placed in our path in 2019, and it is with great excitement and anticipation that we look forward to seeing what He will do in and through Forging Disciples in the coming year.

It is also our intention to let you know that we are looking to raise an additional $25,000 in donations in 2020. If you believe in the work that Forging Disciples doing, your support would be very much appreciated.

Here is a link to our donations page.

We are grateful that God is using Forging Disciples as instruments for His glorious purpose and knowing that we couldn’t have accomplished this without your prayers and financial support.

In Christ,

Bill and Jeremiah

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