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A Miracle of Life for Semaj

God called me in 2006 into Del Paso Heights (DPH) to begin Freedom Hall, an initiative to mentor fatherless young boys. 90% of the youth in DPH had no father in their life leaving them feeling abandoned, unloved, not valued, and told they’re going to grow up to be just like their dad — whom many had never seen or known.

One day in Freedom Hall in 2007 Semaj told me he thought I was in DPH for the money.  I told him God sent me to DPH to help him become all that God had in store for him.  He thought for a while, gave me a fist bump, and this is when Semaj became a member of my family.

Semaj was a very good basketball player at College in Redding.  It was during a short stay in the local hospital in Redding, after he was involved in a car accident, that he learned he had problems with both kidneys.  Immediately, he began dialysis four days a week for 4.5 hours.

This past Friday morning at Stanford Hospital, Semaj received a kidney transplant after being on Stanford Hospital’s waiting list for a kidney for three years.

Semaj’s trial challenged and strengthened his faith and trust in God. Now Semaj knows that God was at his side during the trial and granted an extension of life on earth to Semaj …. a miracle!

Please join Lee and I in praising God for his new kidney and that Semaj will live a fruitful and prosperous life for God.

May God bless you richly during this coming week.

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