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Are You Living to Work or Working to Live?

When you assess how you either invest or spend your time, how does work fit into the two terms …. Investing or Spending?

Do you sense your life is out of balance? Some examples may be: you’re always tired, you’re putting in 60 hours a week at work, you are irritable with others, or do you feel like you’re on a treadmill constantly?

If you sense you’re out of balance with your time allocation (business, family, God, and pleasure), do you know what the best things for you to do to correct the situation you find yourself in?

If yes, we encourage you to seek help from a friend who is a follower of Jesus to help hold you accountable to having a Quiet Time with Jesus every morning for 30 minutes that includes studying His word, His Proverbs, and Psalms, and the Lord’s prayer. Seek His guidance throughout your day, surrender all of you to Him, praise Him for who He is. Amen!

Try beginning to ask Him to help guide you in making the many changes necessary to truly impact your allocation of time in a week (168 hours); consider your allocation of time with God, your time with your immediate family, your time for exercise, sleeping, fun activities, and your time for work.

Ask your friend to help you set boundaries and ask him to hold you accountable to those boundaries. Then commit to God that you will confess to your friend every time to bust through them!

Father, please help us all to bring our time allocation into agreement with what you have in store for us.

With Gratitude,

Forging Leaders

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