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Focus on the Who, not the What

In 1983, I was a single “type A” business guy who was hired to help lead a very experienced team take their company public in five months. Everyone on the team worked 17 hours per day for 90 days straight to file our S-1 with the SEC in Washington DC.  

This IPO was very complex, as the IPO was contingent on completing the acquisition of our European distribution partner and the acquisition of our European distribution partner was contingent upon a successful IPO. As things progressed, the IPO became the 3rd largest in Wall Street history up to that point. Through complete focus, our team had been able to pull it off.

Ten years later, I met Jesus and I repented and asked Him to take control of my life. I recognized that under my own strength I wasn’t able to become the husband and father that God wanted me to be.  

My discipler was devoted man of God named Dwight Hill. He helped me to understand that whatever I focused on would become my reality. He encouraged me to keep my eyes focused on the WHO (Jesus) and not the WHAT (circumstances). 

One of the biggest ways I see men getting off track in their lives today is by focusing on the wrong things. They are so focused on work, or themselves, and leave Christ as an afterthought. The more you focus on God, and being the son He wants you to be, the more peace and joy you will have in your life.

I have found my circumstances (the WHAT) have changed dramatically due to God’s plan filled with love, grace and mercy (the WHO).   

I encourage you to put your focus first on our Lord.

In Christ,


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