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God is Always With You

Pastor Charles Stanley shares a story that reminds us that God is our constant companion. Remember, you are never alone. No matter what you are going through, or how alone you might feel, God is with you and is listening to your every prayer.

“Craig Stows served on a Naval ship during WWII.  As his vessel prepared for an attack, the commanding officer lined up the men.  As usual, a volunteer was needed to ride out the battle in the crow’s nest and send pertinent information to the captain. No one stepped forward. Then, Stowe heard the Lord speak to his heart: I’ll be with you up there, as I am down here.  The young man volunteered, and he endured without a scratch. In fact, he reported that no harm even came close to him.

Years later, Mr. Stowe told this story at Sunday school class of teenager boys. The truth in that adventure made a profound difference to one of the students, who came from a difficult and chaotic home situation. He never forgot the life-changing message: “God is always with you no matter where you are.”  

I was that young man. As I matured in my faith and studied scriptures, God confirmed what Mr. Stowe had taught me.  I saw that Jesus stressed His abiding presence into His disciples. He knew how quickly a sense of rejection would settle in after the crucifixion.  Moreover, potentially discouraging hardship awaited them as they carried the gospel to the rest of the world. So, the Lord promised a Helper wo would remain with Christians forever — the Holy Spirit.

Every day of a believer’s life is lives in the presence of Christ through His Holy Spirit.  He comforts during hardship, encourages amidst difficulty, and strengthens in times of weakness. The benefits of a relationship with God are not postponed until heaven; we walk with Him now and always.

May our Lord’s presence be felt by us as He guides us through the maze of obstacles and blockages and keep us on the path of righteousness.” ~Charles Stanley

God Bless you.

In Christ,


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