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Our Father Knows Best

Dr. Charles Stanley shared a message recently that really resonated with me. It was a reminder for me to commit to following through on God’s plans for my life and stop trying to wrestle the steering wheel away from Him. I hope Dr. Stanley’s message is helpful for you this morning as well.

God’s plans for each believer are meant to bring fullness of life. YET, He didn’t create us to be robots, programmed to blindly follow Him.

Jesus is quoted in saying, “if someone would come after me”, which indicates that following Christ is not a compulsion, but is in fact our choice.

The real question is what’s our answer to His offer? Many of us fill pews in churches for an hour on Sundays, and some of us are engaged in bible study with others for 2-3 hours per week. But what happens the remainder of our week of 160 plus hours each week?

When we consider the life of Saul after God chose him to be king, it reveals much to us about ourselves. Saul knew the Lord’s instructions, but he chose to do things his own way. Does this sound familiar to you?

At times Saul’s sin was unquestionably deliberate, such as his attempt to kill David out of jealousy. At other times, however, his rebellion seemed less clear-cut. Despite God’s order to “utterly destroy” the Amalekites and their animals, Saul spared the best of the herd, with justification that he intended to “sacrifice them to the Lord”. 1 Sam 15:3,21

The choice to disobey cost Saul the throne and eventually led to his destruction. He chose the road that he thought was best, but as we know now, the end result wasn’t worth it. We can learn from Saul’s mistakes. Partial obedience is really disobedience. And any disobedience falls in the category of rebellion, which is a sin.

Though or circumstances are different from Saul’s, we face the same types of choices every day. We’re just as vulnerable to the lure of temptation. But if we choose to live God’s way, the Holy Spirit will help us follow His lead and listen for His voice.

And there will be fullness of life!

As we look intently into His word that gives freedom and continues to do it, not forgetting what he heard but doing it will be blessed in what he does. May we follow the encouragement of James, the half brother of Jesus, and move forward with the Holy Spirit leading down the path of righteousness.

Love you guys,


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