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Satan Loves A Busy Man

When I run into guys I know, I usually ask, how are things going? Their typical response is “I’m busy.” I try not to pry into their world, but a question does pop into my mind… why are men so busy?  

With the advent of cell phones, our work life seems to invade our personal time, interrupt when we’re meeting with others, enjoying an outing with family, or anything else going on in our lives.  

I have noticed when I break bread with a colleague, some will turn down the ringer and turn the phone face down and others don’t do either, resulting in a possible distraction to our conversation and, in a way, being disrespectful.  

Today, we need to be able to say NO to things like meeting with certain people, tackling every project, responding to every text or email, reading all the books that others “highly” recommend, staying in contact with all our “friends” on social media and finding out that we missed a parent -teacher conference for your child or can’t set up a date night with your wife.

I think it’s most important to be aware of what God has on His to do list for you, without your busyness interfering with His plan for you and experience and model the freedom He has in store for you.  

Your children and others are watching you as you go through your day. If they see you modeling busyness consistently in your daily routine, that will be a part of the legacy you’re passing on to them.  

May our Lord guide us to slow our lives down so that we have time for our relationship with Him and with our family and loved ones.

In Christ,


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