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The 5 Killer Friends Every Man Needs To Thrive in Life

“The 5 Killer Friends Every Man Needs to Thrive in Life,” by Ben Weaver

1. The Truth Teller

This is the guy who isn’t afraid to give you the hard stuff any time of the day. He tells the truth about the person you are and the man you’re becoming. They see blind spots you don’t see, call you on your stuff and are deeply honest with you in all areas of your life.  This person has an opinion about your life and isn’t afraid to share it. They should always be given the opportunity to share it. You need it. At times they will be brash. But they will always come back around to challenge and encourage you in the most loving and caring ways.  Practically, this person should leave you speechless from time to time on the other end of the conversation. This friend will make you think about things you don’t think about and help you grow faster as a man than you could do on your own.

2. The Listener

Men are terrible listeners, so these are a bit harder to come by. But you need them, and you can find them.  The listener exists for the sole purpose of, you guessed it, listening. Sure, they say a few insightful things from time to time, but they act as a sounding board for what you are feeling and help you to process life out loud. You may feel like you are using The Listener. Verbally vomiting all over them. But a man secure in his listening role will be quick to remind you “This is what I’m here for.” They are famous for those 6 words and they live by them – not because they’re interested in being a doormat, but because they are interested in listening. It’s a gift and they use it wisely. Someone who is a listener for you may not be for other people. They may find value in listening to you and not others.

3. The Sage 

This person may or may not have grey hair. It’s ok because age is of great value here. This person is likely older than you. More than anything this person exists in your life to drop wisdom bombs when you need them the most. They are the person you go back to quote the most and may even have a few of their sayings on the mirror in your bathroom. Ok, maybe not. You go to this person when you are in crisis mode. This is the guy you contact first when you are thinking and praying about next steps to take in your life. They provide sound, biblical advice about what to do next. They’ll give you the truth, but they will also give you next steps in what to do next. For them, this comes naturally – again, it’s a gift. They want to be this person for you – it brings value to your friendship and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. The Merciful

If you thought the listener was hard to come by, think again. The world is lacking in mercy and we need it more than ever. You need someone who can come alongside you at a moment’s notice and show mercy. Whether you are beating yourself up from a recent poor decision, or you are in mourning about something in your life, this person comes alongside you and is simply present. This is their entire goal. Sure, they may listen, they may even share a few words – but more than anything it is their presence that brings peace to your restless soul. This person wears their heart on their sleeves, enters into hard situations like butter and is more than likely a hugger. Nope, it’s not weird – it’s how we were made.

5. The Risk Taker

This man is like the Truth Teller in that they look at your life and tell you when to jump off life’s cliffs you’ve been wavering over. Sometimes they even push you over. They are the risk-taker because they have lived and seen the value of what it means to take hard, thought out, calculated risks.  These men aren’t just interested in jumping out of airplanes. No, they see the life potential on the other side of the risk, and they help you to get there. They point out potential pitfalls along the way, but they also remind you of the reward waiting on the other side if you’ll just take one large leap.

Oh, Mighty God, please help me find men like the ones described above that can walk beside me and help guide to move forward in my life and become be the Son you want me to be. I desire being molding into the image of your Son, Jesus, so I can complete the plan you have in store for me.  I seek to trust in you LORD and do good; to dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. I seek also to delight myself in you LORD and know You will give you the desires of my heart that You have planted in me. I seek to commit my way to you LORD; and trust in You and know You will make my righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of my cause like the noonday sun …. Lord, I seek to still before you and wait patiently for You. In Jesus name, Amen.

In Christ,


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