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The Blessing of a True Friend

In a recent conversation with a friend, he mentioned that he has many different friends that he does a lot of different things with.

Our discussion inspired me ask him, what’s a true friend versus with an acquaintance?

As a result we compiled a list of characteristics that we believe defines true friendship. I’m curious to see what you would add to the list.

A True Friend…

  1. Tells you the truth, no matter what

  2. Always listens with genuine interest

  3. Loyal and an encouragement to you

  4. Tries to improve your life though friendship

  5. Is always the real deal

  6. Is genuinely filled with love and respect for you

  7. Respects you and themselves

  8. Remains friends despite your life choices

  9. Always loves, accepts and supports you always

  10. He knows how and when to say “No”

  11. Helps you grow and help cultivate Jesus in you

  12. He is always there to support you 24X7

  13. Is a soul friend who knows

  14. One who you can be vulnerable with, one you can relate to on a deep spiritual level, and one who spurs you on (Hebrews 10:24)

  15. Prays for you and your family

May our Lord enable you to rise above the “stuff of the world” and to become the SON to Him He wants you to be and the friend to those He brings into your life.

In Christ,


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