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The Master of Your Temple

“No one can serve two masters.”   Matthew 6:24

Every human being is a temple. Some of us have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us; while others have many idols that are the object of our affection.  Contrary to popular thinking, we are not helpless captives of our hearts’ desires. We choose them! We value relationships, riches, possessions, activities, and all other cravings by choice. We choose to dwell on certain desires, possibilities, and problems.  

When we dream about a venture, a purchase, a romance, or a game, we do so because we want to. We are not defenseless against those idols.  We feed them. And while imaginations and dreams can be used for God’s purposes, they can also fill us with substitutes for Him. When we allow it, we can find ourselves with too many masters.

Jesus does not say no one should serve two masters, He says no one can.  It’s impossible. One will carry more weight that the other, in which case that one is the true master and the other is a weaker rival. It is easy to make God the weaker rival.  We try to maintain our fellowship with Him while placing our greater affections on the less worthy things.

We are a house of worship, and there is only one rightful Master in that House.  Anything less will pollute the temple ….. us!

May your heart, mind and soul be steady and fearless serving God Almighty!

In Christ,


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