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Who’s Holding You Accountable?

What we do with our lives is displayed by the choices we all make every day.

Each negative action we take has lasting effects that may be impossible to erase or retract. We’re all responsible and accountable for what we think, say, or do, even if those behaviors occur in stressful times.

Accountability requires us to share, with trusted like-minded men of God, about our walk with Jesus and reveal any deviations we have taken from the path of righteousness. It will include words of rebuking, correcting, and encouraging others with great patience and careful instruction on how we can stay on His path of righteousness.

The atmosphere of accountability should be filled with trust, honesty, genuineness, love, peace, encouragement, prayer and a course correction to get back on the pathway of righteousness.

“An accountability partner is able to perceive what you can’t see when blind spots and weaknesses block your vision. Such a person serves as a tool in God’s hand to promote spiritual growth, and he watches out for your best interest” ~Charles Stanley

May God bless you with an accountability partner(s) to keep you on the Kings Highway.

In Christ,


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