We serve married men who want to eliminate the anger, hatred, and hostility in their lives that is damaging their most important relationships. Many men we serve are successful in their career and are business leaders who have a desire to change these same destructive habits at work. Many of our men experienced neglect, abandonment, or abuse at the hands of their fathers and these issues still negatively impact them and the respect and trust of their wife, kids, colleagues, and friends. 

Minimalist Church

We serve area churches

We serve area churches by guiding the implementation of a transformational model (vs. an informational model) of ministry for men.

One model includes the dynamics of a closed small group and include, life on life discipleship, as well as learning the methods and ideas laid out in “Discipleship Essentials” by Dr. Greg Ogden.

Another model reflects life on life with a few good men by a few great disciplers for a year.  Then the discipled men will begin discipling 3-4 added men for a year or two.

Please contact us to set up a brief meeting to explore this transformational approach for men in your church.



We seek the involvement in the community to help us advance our effort in transforming men who will leave a God centered legacy behind in his wife, children, relatives, friends, and co-workers. 

To help us succeed: 

• Refer men who want to know Jesus 
• Introduce us to your Pastor 
• Join our prayer team 
• Become a discipler 
• Help promote discipleship 
• Support the ministry